Alard College of Pharmacy



Placement Cell

At Alard we nurture FUTURE ready professionals

The ever Changing paradigms around us have made mandatory for an academic institution to foster a new breed of Future perfect professionals – individuals equipped with the right kind of knowledge, technical skills, ability to think out of box and innovative. 

The industry expectations have gone higher and only those survive and sustain who have the right attitude & skills to accept challenges and increase the performance ladder each day. Hard work is no more the key to success alone but individuals are expected to work smarter and consistent without failure. i.e. "survival of fittest “The placement cell of Alard  gives utmost importance to assist its students in getting all skill as well as best suited placements after successful completion of their studies. We also ensure that every student get the right skill & domain knowledge so that they are easily acceptable to the industry. 

We organize various activities and workshops that enable students to be effective learner as well as team plays, leaders If you looking for best business talent, ABS is one of the best choices that can meet your expectations and contribute to your human resource talent pool.

It’s my privilege to invite you to visit our campus for the Final Placement & Summer Internship for the Recruitment.